The Novel Matrix

The Complete Novel Writing Guide

The Novel Matrix by Brad Pauquette

Spoiler: There’s no secret code for writing a bestselling novel.

However, there are fundamental principles of story structure that will make your novel work.

Once you understand these fundamentals, writing a novel transforms from a chaotic, enigmatic roller coaster into a succinct and sensible process.

If you’re not yet achieving what you’d like to achieve with your writing—The Novel Matrix is for you. Hundreds of authors just like you have used this remarkable system to begin and improve their novel writing.

The Novel Matrix explores the natural principles of storytelling that humans instinctively understand and expect in great stories. This is the foundation from which great artwork is born.

The Novel Matrix also relates plot, characters, conflict, and setting together in a way that no other craft book has done. Written in simple, nonacademic language, this is the honest, elegant solution for long-form storytelling you’ve been waiting for.

As one writing student put it, “The Novel Matrix makes novel-writing scandalously simple.” Don’t start another project without it.

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The Novel Matrix by Brad Pauquette


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